May 1, 2017


There are over 64 different medical specialties to choose from in Australia. The choice can seem overwhelming. TMSS wants to help. At TMSS we have a number of senior members who understand the internal and external pressures that one faces in trying to decide on a specialty pathway. We are happy to introduce junior staff to clinicians whom are willing to discuss those pressures.

Townsville Hospital through the MESH unit is willing to link junior doctors up with more senior clinicians to discuss career options. The following is a Townsville Hospital specialty training guide with information on the different specialties at Townsville Hospital and the details of the directors of training.

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At the start of each year usually around March Townsville Hospital organises a careers week so keep an eye out for that on the TMSS events calendar.

If you need a little extra guidance there are a number of resources available some of which are available through the links below:


GPTQ developed resource to assist you to make an informed choice


AMA has developed this national, specialty training pathways guide. AMA members you can access the full guide to research particular specialties or compare the key attributes of all 64 specialties, such as entry requirements, cost, and positions available.

AMA offers a Career Advice Service as well as a free CV template, advice on how to build your CV, addressing selection criteria advice and interview skills tips and tricks

Australian Medical Board List of Specialties