September 7, 2017


Research at The Townsville Hospital

Townsville Hospital encourages employees to participate in research. TMSS is supportive of doctors who would like to undertake research during their time at the Townsville Hospital. TMSS offer an annual Research and Rose night to introduce doctors to academics at the hospital and from James Cook University.

The Townsville Research Education Support and Administration (TRESA) unit offers services that help make research happen. Situated at the Townsville Hospital in the James Cook University (JCU) clinical school, TRESA provides research support to all staff of Townsville Hospital and Health Service (THHS).  Research Ethics and Research Governance are two separate and independent entities. These two different departments are housed within TRESA because in addition to their administrative duties, their staff also undertake the role of research education and support.

Study, education and research trust account (SERTA) is administered by the Research Trust Fund Advisory Committee (RTFAC). SERTA fund research and education at the Townsville Hospital. Applications and correspondence for SERTA are managed by the THHS Research Education, Support, and Administration unit (TRESA).

Townsville Hospital has a wealth of research available for interested staff to be involved with, so get in touch:

SERTA forms

Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC)

Townsville Health Library
Much of the research undertaken at Townsville Hospital is in conjunction with James Cook University

Research in Queensland

The Health Innovation, Investment and Research Office (HIIRO), within the Office of the Director-General, aims to improve the health and wellbeing of Queenslanders through a coordinated and collaborative approach to health innovation, investment and research across Queensland Health. The HIIRO office provides support to Queensland Health employees by managing grants and fellowships, maintaining a robust ethics and governance framework and promotes translation of research into practice. Junior Doctor Research Fellowships are available with up to $250,000 made available to individual applicants.

For more information

The Database of Research Activity (DoRA) is a publicly accessible, searchable website. The database covers all Queensland Health human research, not just clinical trials.