Townsville Medical Staff Society

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What is TMSS all about?

The Townsville Medical Staff Society is truly unique. Unlike most hospital medical societies which focus mainly on junior doctors, the TMSS engages all levels of medical staff in the hospital. Our members include interns, RMOs, registrars, SMOs, and everyone in-between! From organising social events and educational meetings, to advocating for changes in hospital policy and protocol, our goal is to constantly improve the lives of our colleagues. Whether you're new to Townsville, or have been working here your entire career, join TMSS and help us help you !


Dr Cassandra Cooke


Dr Andrew Birchley

Vice President
& SMO Subcommittee

Dr. Zoe Byrne


Dr Maddison Taylor


Dr Toby Sen Gupta

Sponsorship Officer
& Global Health Subcommittee

Dr Toan Tang

Membership Officer

Dr Abby Moore

Intern Representative

Dr Shermya Vwaran

Intern Representative

Dr Patrice Brennan

Social Representatives

Dr Eliza Kurth

Social Representative

Dr Ravi Marwah

Academic Representative – Research

Dr Ashton Yap

Academic Representative – Education
& Registrar Subcommittee

Dr Kimberley Oman

SMO Subcommittee
& Global Health Subcommittee

Dr Siva Senthuran

SMO Subcommittee

Dr Muriel Soden

SMO Subcommittee

Dr Abhishek Joshi

SMO Subcomittee

Dr Mushtaq Mohiuddin

SMO Subcomittee

Dr Ollie Hayes

Registrar Subcommittee

Dr Sonali Basu

International Medical Graduate Representative
& Registrar Subcommittee

Dr Ivan San

Registrar Subcomittee

Dr Jessica Roberts

Registrar Subcommittee

Dr Melissa Tawiah

RMO Representative

Dr Panuwat Pornkul

RMO Subcommittee

Dr Leo Okyay

IT Officer

Dr Yasaman Meshkat

Mater Intern Representative

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